What is Eyebrow Embroidery And The Process Like?

What is Eyebrow Embroidery And The Process Like?


Eyebrow embroidery is climbing up fast in the list of beauty must-dos. Yet, despite the resounding praise and unquestionable thirst for this treatment, there is little information about the process and what surrounds it.


It's only human nature to want to learn more. Especially when it comes to beauty treatments that has a semi-permanence. Let us walk you through this process so that you will know what to expect out of your journey.


What Is Eyebrow Embroidery?

In a nutshell, eyebrow embroidery is a semi-permanent process that creates feather-like hair strokes and/or a powdered-in effect to create a natural, full and symmetrical brow that frames your face. It has the power to create an illusion slimmer/longer/shorter face by choosing a suitable shape to accommodate to the different face shapes that we have.

Always choose a salon that offers a wide range of pigments, so that you can alter your brows to suit your current hair colour should you wish. You can even opt to go darker or lighter depending on your preference. All in all, it is a highly customizable treatment to suit every customer's needs.


How Long Does the Brow Embroidery Process Take?

Depending on the type of brow technique you decide to go for, the whole process will take about 2 to 2.5 hours. Most of the time will be spent on a one to one consultation, finding the perfect golden ration, mapping out of the brow frame and waiting for the numbing cream to set in so that the process will be pain-free.


 What Does The Process of Eyebrow Embroidery Look Like?

 Step by Step Eyebrow Embroidery Process Singapore


1. At Lash Inc SG, the session kicks off with a one on one consultation to establish what are the client's preferences and goal. The beauty therapist will then analyse your brows and skin type and suggest what brow shape, colour and technique would suit you best. 

2. Eyebrows are given a deep cleanse and mapped out to get the perfect symmetry using the golden ratio formula.

3. Numbing cream is placed and given time to permeate the skin for maximum comfort throughout the eyebrow embroidery process.

4. Brow frame is drawn out and the session commences once the client is fully satisfied with the shape. Do note that the frame looks large but only serves as a structure. The actual embroidery only happens within the frame.

5. Feather-like strokes are drawn in to mimic your natural brows and all gaps plus sparse areas are filled in.

6. A layer of pigment is then glazed over the brows to ensure deep absorption of the colour, providing a second dosage of infusion to skin. This creates long lasting retention.

7 and 8. Viola! You are all done. 


Do attempt to put in some time into research before you get your eyebrow embroidery done. Make sure it is a reputable place with certified beauticians using only quality products. Your brow embroidery takes residence on your face for a long time, so don't opt for a place which offers a discount or a competitive price just because. Sometimes, that extra savings just isn't worth the frustration and stress that comes after.


With that said, the perks of getting a good eyebrow embroidery done are endless. Not only do you boost your self-esteem but having a good set of brows really sets the face. You eliminate the need to spend time in front of the mirror having them drawn in and that shaves a ton of time off your beauty routine! We hope that you've enjoyed this article as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you.



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