Lash Extensions Aftercare



1. Brush Your Eyelash Extensions Daily

All it takes is 10-15 seconds a day to keep your lashes tidy. Brushing your lashes not only keep them neat but clean of debris.The recommended way to do so is by placing your brush on top of your lash extensions and gently sweep them in a downward motion. 


 2. Avoid Oil-Based Cleansers

Lash extensions are always an investment, and you do not want to see your investment go down the drain in a jiffy. Oil based removers tend to weaken the bond that holds your extensions together, causing it to shed prematurely. Opt for water-based removers and avoid tugging your lashes with cotton pads. Instead, use a dedicated lint-free eye make up wipe that is sold at your lash salon. 


3. Sleep On Your Back

Bad news for all you stomach sleepers - Sleeping with your face against your pillow can cause your extensions to fall out prematurely. Sleeping on your back however, serves duo positive purposes. Firstly, it maintains the shape of your lash extension. Secondly, it keeps backaches at bay. For one's ultimate pampering, invest in a quality silk pillowcase that not only helps with preventing wrinkles but ensures that your eyelash extensions do not get snagged out as roll about during sleep hours. 


 4. Avoid Waterproof Mascara

There is the tendency to slap on some mascara to fill empty spots if you'd the extensions on for some time now, or to add a little oomph to your lash extensions. Removing waterproof mascara requires a little tugging and that can affect the life span of your remaining extensions. It is best to avoid this altogether to prolong the lifespan of your eyelash extension.


5. Avoid Eyelash Curlers

Using a mechanical lash curler will not only damage your extensions but possibly your natural eyelashes. If, for whatever reason you feel the need to curl your eyelashes, we would recommend that you choose a heated eyelash curler over a mechanical one.


 6. Invest in an Eyelash Sealant

Get into a routine of applying a coating sealant on your eyelashes every couple of days to keep your lash extensions in place longer. At Lash Inc, our sealing coat is gently formulated for daily use, and contains a nourishing acrylic and hyaluronic serum to help the extensions to not adhere well, but prolongs longevity.


 7. Invest in a Hypoallergenic Lash Foam

Oil, debris and dirt coupled with dead skill cells and other leftovers can build up at your lash line. These particles are usually not visible to the naked eye without the help of a magnifying glass. For this reason, it is ideal to cleanse your eyelash extensions every evening daily after removing your makeup with a dedicated eyelash foam cleanser. 

Avoid using regular commercial cleansers which often contain harsh ingredients as that breaks the bond of the adhesive to your extensions. This in turn causes your extensions to fall out quicker, and can potentially creating some serious lash damage. 


8. Avoid Sauna , Swimming and Sweating

Although we use a superbonder to seal adhesives instantly after your lash extension session which allows you to get your lashes wet immediately after, it is still ideal to stay away from water for the next 6 hours upon getting your lashes did to ensure maximum retention. Repeated or prolonged exposure to high heat, steam or sweat can compromise the lash bond and result in your extensions falling off early. Practice good hygiene by cleansing and brushing your lashes daily if you are living in a country with high humidity or engage in high intensity work outs to prolong retention.


9. Avoid Rubbing And Tugging At Your Eyelashes

If for any reason there is a little itch, use a damp cotton bud to gently tap on the spots and avoid tugging or rubbing your lids.


 10. Touch ups / Refills 

It is advisable to get your refills done every 2-3 weeks and avoid getting touch-ups for more than 2 times from the original set. Removing and getting a new set of lash extensions done after more 2 times of touch ups, will allow your technicians to fully cleanse your lids and keep them healthy, preventing any sort of unwanted infections or allergies.