Why Are Your Eyebrows Such An Important Feature?

Why Are Your Eyebrows Such An Important Feature?

Eyebrow trends have come a long way. There was a time during the Renaissance where it was once fashionable to shave your eyebrows bald. Fast forward a couple of centuries to the stick thin plucked brows of the 90's, and finally to a more modern look - a full voluminous set of eyebrows. Despite the roller-coaster of brow trends, one thing is certain - they were always a priority in high society and that has remained a constant throughout time.


Eyebrows, along with the lips are perhaps the most expressive parts of one's face. The functional use of our eyebrows is to keep away dirt and sweat, preventing it from entering your eyes so that you can maintain a clear vision. Discerning individuals need more than just function from their brows, we demand a perfectly shaped, fleek brow that screams confidence. Need more reasons to obsess over your eyebrows?


1. Eyebrows are crucial for facial recognition.

An MIT study gathered a group of participants to identity various famous celebrities without eyebrows. Out of all the celebrities, only 46% were identified accurately. If the Jenner and Kardashian lot ever wanted a way to avoid the paparazzi, this is definitely a good option.


2. Eyebrows play a vital role in non-verbal communication.

One of the best parts of human evolution is that we, homo sapiens are the only species that has eyebrows on bare skin. This allows us to actively express feelings without speaking. You are able to tell how someone else is feeling simply by watching their facial expressions. 

3. A well-shaped set of brows can provide an anti-aging effect.

Brow maintenance should be a key component in your beauty routine. A full, well shaped and maintained set of brows flatter all face shapes and elevates your features. It brings balance and depth to the face structure, making it look more youthful. Just like thinning hair on the head is associated with old age, a full well-shaped set of brows is associated with youthfulness.


4. Your brows protect your vision.

Ever wondered why your brow bone protrudes out? Well, the reason is that it acts as a shelter to shield water, sweat and grime away from your eyes. In the meantime, your eyebrows work hand in hand by trapping dust, oil and rain to prevent them from entering your eyes, keeping your vision clear.


5. A good set of brows allows you to skip make-up.

If you are born with a full, voluminous set of shapely brows, you can easily get away with wearing little or no make up at all. The rest of us just need to simply book some time with a licensed brow beautician.

The increasing popularity of eyebrow embroidery speaks volumes about how the busy lifestyle of modern society values a perfect brow. A full brow eliminates the need to spend precious time applying make-up and cuts down the time spent on your beauty routine significantly.  

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