Finding The Best Eyebrow Embroidery Design For Your Face Shape

Finding The Best Eyebrow Embroidery Design For Your Face Shape



The right set of brows not only frames your face but can elevate the rest of your facial features. Do you know that a good set of eyebrows can do more for your features that any makeup product can?


Figuring out your face shape is the first step to understanding which brow design is going to complement you best.


There are six basic face shapes. Mainly oval, round, long, square, heart-shaped and diamond. To find your face shape, simply pull your hair back from your face and look into the mirror.

  • Oval shaped face - Forehead is usually wider than the chin with prominent cheekbones. Face softly tapers to a narrow chin.
  • Round shaped face - Face is rather uniform with it being widest at the cheeks.
  • Long shaped face- Width from forehead, cheeks and jaw are all roughly the same. Face is narrow overall.
  • Heart shaped face - Forehead is wider than the chin. Face narrows down to a pointy chin.
  • Square shaped face - A distinctive squared jawline is the most prominent feature. Forehead and cheeks and jawline are aligned with around the same width.
  • Diamond shaped face - Forehead is short with face being rather angular and widest at the temples. 



Eyebrow and Face shape



Once you have figured out your face shape, it is now time to find the perfect brow design!

  •  Oval shaped face - A set of soft angled brows, which comprises of a short arch and a soft peak, is perfect for this face shape as it creates the illusion of a shorter, rounder face which creates the perfect symmetry.
  • Round shaped face - Angled, structured or arched brows is ideal for this face shape as it lengthens and slims the entire face structure.
  • Long shaped face - Flat brows are perfect for those with a long face shape as the horizontal lines breaks the elongated facial structure, creating a balanced face shape.
  • Heart shaped face - Glow up with a set of soft rounded brow to create a natural look or a highly angled set of brows to add length for those with a short heart shaped face.  
  • Square shaped face - Opt for a soft curved, rounded set of brows which plays an integral part in softening the entire visage and attract attention to your eyes.
  • Diamond shaped face - A set of round of curved brows is key for this face shape as it creates an illusion of a seemingly slender face and evens out all your facial features.

Now that you have been dosed with these beauty insights, it is time to up your brow game and achieve the most flattering set of eyebrows for your face shape!



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