5 Things You Should Consider Before Getting Eyebrow Embriodery

5 Things You Should Consider Before Getting Eyebrow Embriodery



Eyebrow embroidery, unlike eyebrow tattooing is a semi-permanent make up technique that leaves you with perfectly sculpted brows that can last years with proper care.

This process involves manually adding coloured pigment to the skin, filling in empty spots on your brows resulting in a flawless and fuller look. You can ditch that eyebrow pencil once and for all.


1. Your Unique Brow Shape

Prior to your brow embroidery session, your beauty stylist will assist you in mapping out the best brow shape that suits your facial features. However, its always best to come with some ideas as to how you would like it to look. Is there a regular brow shape that you draw on daily? Or perhaps something you've seen on a celebrity that you think would suit you? Do you prefer a straight or arched look? A thick or a thin brow?

For individuals with a round face, eyebrows with an angled arch and slightly longer ends help shape the face and give an overall slimming effect. A natural pigment colour paired with the shape of a soft rounded brow compliments those with a heart shaped face. For those with an angular face shape, the recommended brows are at a peaked angle, creating a soft and narrow look. Ladies who have the coveted oval face shape only need to consider the thickness of the brow embroidery.


2. Consider the differences in various types of embroidery techniques

There are several different eyebrow embroidery techniques that are currently being used by technicians. A skillful technician can combine different pressured strokes to create depth in your brow. You may prefer a more natural appearing brow or one that makes you the standout at any social gathering. Bear in mind though, that the more detailed the work, the higher the cost will be.

As each eyebrow is created with individual strokes, the skill of the technician is highly important for that natural and flawless look that you desire.


3. Set aside some time for your brow to recover

Ensure adequate time for your new brows to heal. Try to plan your embroidery session around your social events, preferably during a quiet and restful week. After embroidery, avoid getting your brows wet, saunas and steam baths, and never pick on the scabs.

It is perfectly normal for your brows to darken a day after embroidery. Ensure that you are diligently applying the recovery cream provided by your technician for the next couple of days. 


4. Take extra care of your brows during your facial routines

If you have scheduled a facial, inform your facialist prior to your treatment that you have just gotten your brows done. Ensure that she avoids any harsh chemicals on your brows, and that it would be best to avoid the area altogether so that your healing progress will be not be affected.

You may go about your facial routine as usual. Just be mindful not to use any scrubs or chemicals on your brows and to dry them gently immediately if it comes into contact with water.


5. You will need a touch up session

It is highly recommend to schedule a touch up session a month after your brows have healed. Depending on your skin type, oily skin do not take in pigments as well as dry skin, and will tend to fade off a little more during the recovery period. A touch up will allow your technician to fix any irregularities as well as to embed another coat of pigment to prolong the lasting hood of your brow embroidery. 


All in all, a great set of brows sets the face and you no longer have to spend a ton of time getting ready in the morning!



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