Why You Should Consider Getting Eyelash Extensions

Why You Should Consider Getting Eyelash Extensions



1. Instant Enhancement

Not everyone is blessed with a set of full, voluminous lashes. All that daily constant tugging with eyelash curlers and multiple coatings of waterproof mascara not only damages your natural lashes in the long-run, but simply cannot compare to the end-effect that professional eyelash extensions provide. A quick session with a professional lash technician will not only get you a gorgeous set of beautiful lashes but you can also eradicate the entire process of curling and putting on mascara each time you head out. The eyeliner effect that lash extensions bring, enhances the shape of your eyes, makes your eye colour pop and ultimately give you a more youthful and brighter look. The first thing we notice in every social interaction is a person's eyes, and who does not love all that extra attention a simple pair of seductive eyelashes can give you! 



2.Time savings

Always wondered how to get that #iwokeuplikethis perfection? Well, here is your answer! Firstly, with eyelash extensions, you can always hit that snooze button a couple more times as you substantially cut down on the time needed to doll yourself up for work. Secondly, what is amazing is that the extra sleep you get adds to the regeneration of your skin's health. Research has successfully shown the deep link between sleep and skin, conclusively proving that "beauty sleep" is for real. Lastly, as a bonus, you can scrap the entire night routine of removing your eye make-up. The constant rubbing of your eyes during removal is a fast track route to wrinkly eyes, which you can avoid entirely with extensions on.



3. Cost Savings 

Getting your lashes done at a professional salon with an accredited beautician using high quality materials will leave you with a pretty set of eyelashes that can lasts weeks. That would mean you no longer have to spend money on expensive mascaras or eyeliners just to avoid smudging or clumping. You also will not need to spend money on quality eye make-up remover to rid of waterproof eye make-up. Eyelash extensions bring out the best of your eyes and with that, you can also skip putting on eye shadow entirely.



 4.Self-esteem Booster 

The connection between looking good and feeling good has been well documented and it conclusively proves that the two factors are acutely intertwined. With the rise of social media, we have adapted to be more visual individuals, constantly flooded with perfect images of other people, creating the need to fit in or compare. The need to be "perfect" has increased over the years with higher statistics of people heading for plastic surgeries or resorting to various aesthetic tweaks. But what if all it takes to boost one's self esteem is just a simple answer? Getting a set of eyelash extensions. The new lash techniques at Lash Inc SG automatically gives one an eyelid "surgery" creating a double fold for those with single eyelids. This is especially true in Asian culture. The perks do not just stop there. While eyelash extensions enhance your eyes, the overall effect of it adds depth and slims downs your face, giving it that coveted V-shape face. So, go on, all you need is a little time with your beautician to motivate and boost one's self esteem by putting your best face forward!



5. Spoil yourself

We spend most of our time working tirelessly half our lives. Taking time off to pamper oneself not only reduces stress levels, but refreshes the mind, body and soul. The whole process of eyelash extensions is extremely relaxing, akin to that of a spa. As the process of eyelash extensions is relatively quick, most people use their lunch hour to get their lashes done, bagging not just a quick snooze but an awesome treat to one's self.



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