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Combination brow is essentially a mixture of microblading and ombre brows with more emphasis placed on the ombre aspect. Soft feathery strokes are placed at the front of the brows, gradually followed by a lush ombre brow from the center to the ends, creating a multidimensional finish. This design was created for clients with sparse brow ends, allowing them to enjoy that full and dreamy look made popular in Korea.


As with all eyebrow embroidery services, it is advisable to come back for a touch up a month later, to lock in the color which will prolong the retention rate.


Only the highest quality pigments used here at Lash Inc Sg :

-Variety of brow pigment choices to suit every skin tone.
-Extremely stable and close to pure brow pigments.
-Non magnetized.
-Non oily formula with no separation of pigment components.
-True to color even on oily skin.
-Pigments are formulated extremely stable which prevents the color from modifying until it fades out completely.
-Minimal to 0 downtime and shorter heal time.